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> 5 tips to style home accessories

5 tips to style home accessories

0 Juni 16, 2017, 14:58 | by Artihove


Looking for ways to make your interior cozy and stylish, but you do not know how? With these 5 tips for styling home accessories, your interior will looks stylish in no time.


1. Color makes it exciting

Most people tend to go for safe and neutral when buying home products. Which makes sense, considering the fact that new furniture can be of high costs and the re-organization often does not happen every year. But glamorous is different. When the base is simple, you can change the interior with colorful accessories to make it more exiting. Choose an eyecatcher like a golden bowl or a bright yellow vase, it will boost your interior.


2. Cluster or go for an eyecatcher

There is no doubt that home accessories will make your interior lively, but be aware of excessive use, it can get too much easily. When you cluster and put everything close to each other, it looks more clean and tidy. Variate the shapes and heights and choose an odd number of objects for a playful effect. If you want to keep it more calm, go for an eyecatcher which draws all the attention to itself.


3. Unity or contrast

In order to create unity, you can choose home accessories of the same material. For example, go or only glass or ceramic home accessories. In order to make the interior more exuberant, you can choose a variety of different materials. Put for example, wood glass and bronze together for a surprising effect.


4. When designing home accessories, balance is important

Find home accessories that match the nature and construction of your home and the basics of your interior. An older home has different atmosphere than a new building. If you want serenity and harmony, make sure your home and interior are in balance and match the home accessories.


5. Choose home accessories that suit you

One of the best tips for styling home accessories is to choose items that suit you. Do not let this make you follow the trends, but go for something that you really like or where a wonderful story, feeling or motivation lies. That is how you give that personal touch to your interior and enjoy something that is likely to last for years.

 Are you looking for new home accessories or would you like to get more inspiration? Read our blog, “3x home accessories for a stylish interior or check out our webshop.


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